24 hr. locksmith services – when to select them?

24 hour locksmiths are emergency locksmiths. That is what most people believe when thinking at round the clock locksmith services. While this is the main characteristic of 12 hr. locksmith services, you can also call them for other important situations.

For example, 24 hr. locksmith services are more than useful in other situations too. There are times when you don’t want to leave your house or office unsupervised. Here are some situations in which it is better to call an emergency locksmith.

Your front door lock is slow

The front door is the main security line that prevents burglars from getting inside the house or office. Most of the people tend to neglect a slow lock. If it is not completely dysfunctional or broken, there may seem to be no reason for you to change or check it.

However, even a slow lock is a sign of vulnerability and an invitation to break it. Remember that burglars take advantage of any sign of vulnerability. They can even inspect the house and notice you trying to lock or unlock the door just to use this information to their advantage.
So if you notice your lock is being slowed down, you should not postpone calling a professional locksmith to have your lock checked and repaired or even replaced if needed.

You notice dysfunctional window security locks

Window security locks are as important, if not more important than some of the door locks. Many of break-ins happen via an unattended or back window. If your window lock is not properly secured or worse, absent, imagine how it is for a burglar to gain access to your house.
Have your window locks checked at least once a year, along with all the locks from your house. You might want to have security accessories installed too. For example, adding security bars to your back window is a good idea as it will prevent the burglar from getting inside the house even if he manages to break the lock.

You suspect someone broke your cabinet lock

Cabinet locks are one of the most preferred options when it comes to securing important office files. Although many people have the most important documents secured in a computer, there are still cases in which physical files are kept in the drawer.
For such cases, you might want a locksmith to check the cabinet locks and see if there are signs of vulnerability. If you suspect someone is trying to gain access to important files, it is better to immediately call a locksmith. It may be the case of new double lock installation for your office.


While it is true that 24 hr. locksmith services are usually called when you’re facing a home or office lockout, there are also other situations in which you can call an emergency locksmith near you. When it comes to the security of your house or office, you shouldn’t postpone repairing a slow or broken lock, be it a window lock or a one of your cabinet locks.